A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics por Jerrold E. Marsden

December 12, 2019

A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics por Jerrold E. Marsden
Titulo del libro : A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Fecha de lanzamiento : June 16, 2000
Autor : Jerrold E. Marsden
Número de páginas : 172
ISBN : 0387979182
Editor : Springer

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Jerrold E. Marsden con A Mathematical Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Mathematics is playing an ever more important role in the physical and biological sciences, provoking a blurring of boundaries between scientific disciplines and a resurgence of interest in the modern as weil as the clas- sical techniques of applied mathematics. This renewal of interest, bothin research and teaching, has led to the establishment of the series: Texts in Applied Mathematics (TAM). The development of new courses is a natural consequence of a high Ievel of excitement on the research frontier as newer techniques, such as numerical and symbolic computer systems, dynamical systems, and chaos, mix with and reinforce the traditional methods of applied mathematics. Thus, the purpose of this textbook series is to meet the current and future needs of these advances and encourage the teaching of new courses. TAM will publish textbooks suitable for use in advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses, and will complement the Applied Mathematical Seiences (AMS) series, which will focus on advanced textbooks and research Ievel monographs. Preface This book is based on a one-term coursein fluid mechanics originally taught in the Department of Mathematics of the U niversity of California, Berkeley, during the spring of 1978. The goal of the course was not to provide an exhaustive account of fluid mechanics, nor to assess the engineering value of various approximation procedures.