Ken Kiff por Andrew Lambirth

January 28, 2020

Ken Kiff por Andrew Lambirth
Titulo del libro : Ken Kiff
Fecha de lanzamiento : October 29, 2001
Autor : Andrew Lambirth
Número de páginas : 224
ISBN : 0500093008
Editor : Thames and Hudson Ltd

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Andrew Lambirth con Ken Kiff

HardCover Pub Date: November 2001 Pages: 224 in Publisher: Thames & Hudson Click on the Google Preview image above to the read some pages of this book! Among itish artists during the second half of the twentieth century. Ken Kiff displays one of the most individual and distinctive styles. His paintings and drawings in various media - pastel. charcoal. watercolor - are often characterized by fantastic flights of the imagination. inspired by such artists as Klee and Miro. Most notable of all is the extensive range of small acrylic paintings on paper (almost 200 in total since 1971). to which Kiff has given the overall title The Sequence. suggesting a sense of continuity over the decades.Born in Dagenham. Essex. in 1935. Kiff's childhood during the Second World War was blighted by the loss of his father. who was killed in London in 1941. The effects of these traumatic years are...