Xanathar's Guide to Everything por Wizards RPG Team

October 18, 2019

Xanathar's Guide to Everything por Wizards RPG Team
Titulo del libro : Xanathar's Guide to Everything
Fecha de lanzamiento : November 21, 2017
Autor : Wizards RPG Team
Número de páginas : 192
ISBN : 0786966114
Editor : Wizards of the Coast

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Wizards RPG Team con Xanathar's Guide to Everything

Xanathar's Guide to Everything is the first major expansion for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, offering new rules and story options: Over twenty-five new subclasses for the character classes in the Player's Handbook, including the Cavalier for the fighter, the Circle of Dreams for the druid, the Horizon Walker for the ranger, and many more Dozens of new spells, a collection of racial feats, and a system to give your character a randomized backstory A variety of tools that provide Dungeon Masters fresh ways to use traps, magic items, downtime activities, and more-all designed to enhance a D&D campaign and push it in new directions Amid all this expansion material, Xanathar offers bizarre observations about whatever its eyestalks happen to glimpse. Pray they don't come to rest on you.