Go Ask Alice por Anonymous

January 17, 2020

Go Ask Alice por Anonymous
Titulo del libro : Go Ask Alice
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 1, 2006
Autor : Anonymous
Número de páginas : 211
ISBN : 1416914633
Editor : Simon + Schuster Inc.

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Anonymous con Go Ask Alice

Title: Go Ask Alice <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Anonymous <>Publisher: SimonPulse

"The Boston Globe" ...a book that all teenagers and parents of teenagers should really read.

"School Library Journal" This novel in diary form powerfully depicts the confusions of adolescence. Its impact cannot be denied.

"Library Journal" An important book, this deserves as wide a readership as libraries can give it.

"The New York Times" [This] extraordinary work for teenagers is a document of horrifying reality and literary quality.

From the Publisher
The harrowing true story of a teenager’s descent into the seductive world of drugs.

From the Back Cover
Alice could be anyone...could be someone you know...Alice uses drugs...

Fifteen, white, middle-class, Alice seems to be fine. She is doing well at school. She thinks someday she'd like to get married and raise a family. On July 9th, Alice is turned on to acid. She figures life is more bearable with drugs than without. Alice's life is never the same again.

Her parents notice changes, but they don't know what's happening. They can't help her. The difference between Alice and a lot of other kids on drugs is that Alice kept a diary...

'An extraordinary work...a document of horrifying reality' New York Times Book Review

'A book that all teenagers and parents of teenagers should read' Boston Globe

'It shows the awful pressures which plague even the 15-year-old who needs all her energies to cope with growing; the isolation of one who wanders off the track, and, alone, finds it impossible to fight her way back.' Guardian