Breadwinners #2: 'Buhdeuce Rocks the Rocket' por Stefan Petrucha

April 8, 2020

Breadwinners #2: 'Buhdeuce Rocks the Rocket' por Stefan Petrucha
Titulo del libro : Breadwinners #2: 'Buhdeuce Rocks the Rocket'
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 22, 2016
Autor : Stefan Petrucha
Número de páginas : 56
ISBN : 1629914371
Editor : NBM/Papercutz

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Stefan Petrucha con Breadwinners #2: 'Buhdeuce Rocks the Rocket'

When Buhdeuce experiences a crisis of confidence, Swaysway decides it's time for Buhdeuce to make his first bread delivery on his own (with Swaysway secretly keeping an eye on him, of course). Unfortunately, Oonski the Great thinks having only one Breadwinner to deal with is the perfect set-up for a "Brioche Heist." Can Buhdeuce rescue his precious cargo and save his (inadvertently) kidnapped partner? We're not sure. But we do know that this book features an awesome aerial duck-fight. So that's reason enough to check it out, right?show more