The Manual of Horsemanship por Pony Club

October 19, 2019

The Manual of Horsemanship por Pony Club
Titulo del libro : The Manual of Horsemanship
Fecha de lanzamiento : January 31, 2012
Autor : Pony Club
Número de páginas : 320
ISBN : 190727913X
Editor : The Pony Club

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Pony Club con The Manual of Horsemanship

Enjoying its biggest overhaul in a decade,with a new layout,images and illustrations! Boasting numerous improved and updated features,the most notable change for the 14th edition is its increase in size,to 235mm by 154mm,making for ease of reference. The first edition of The Manual was published in 1950,and it is still going strong. Now in its sixtieth year,there is nothing old-fashioned about The Manual,which remains as relevant today as it was then. No other publication covers all the important aspects of horsemastership in a single volume. Based originally on cavalry guidelines,The Manual has been revised and reprinted many times,translated into several other languages,and sold well-over a million copies in English alone. This new edition has been comprehensively revised and brought up to date by members of the Training Committee of The Pony Club,each of whom learned to ride in The Pony Club and wish to give back their knowledge and expertise for the benefit of future generations of riders and horse and pony lovers. Supplemented by advice from leading vets,saddlers and other experts,The Manual is the embodiment of The Pony Club's primary aim: to encourage young people to learn and enjoy all kinds of activities connected with horses and riding.