Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacy (Magnum Legacy 2) por Vicki Goldberg

December 12, 2019

Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacy (Magnum Legacy 2) por Vicki Goldberg
Titulo del libro : Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacy (Magnum Legacy 2)
Autor : Vicki Goldberg
ISBN : 3791381350

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Vicki Goldberg con Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacy (Magnum Legacy 2)

Bruce Davidson began his love affair with photography at age ten. The son of a hardworking divorced mother, he was a loner who disliked school and had difficulty conforming to the world round him. His camera released him from the boundaries of his youth and opened the doors to a lifetime's work. Vicki Goldberg's authoritative text explores the wide range of his vision and technique, and reveals how his work has played a critical role in twentieth-century photography. The text includes beautifully reproduced images from his most iconic series such as Brooklyn Gang, East 100th Street, Subway, and Time of Change: Civil Rights Photographs, along with never-before-seen archival material from Davidson's private archive. Davidson's photographs reveal his curiosity about, and empathy for, his subjects; whether he is documenting circuses, gangs, East Harlem tenements, Jewish cafeterias, Welsh miners, or Central Park, Davidson imbues his work with an eye for narrative. His pictures tell stories-and he lets them speak for themselves. The result is a comprehensive and elegantly presented portrait of an artist's life and work.

The Magnum Legacy series is shaping up to be one of the most desirable titles in the plethora of artist monographs. The real value lies in the ample text that accompanies the images...we find 'never-before seen' material from Davidson's private archive, giving us a great insight into the photographer's process and philosophy. --Amateur Photographer, Saturday 9th April

Vicki Goldberg is a photography critic who has written for numerous publications such as The New York Times and Vanity Fair. Her books include The Power of Photography: How Photographs Changed Our Lives; Light Matters; and The White House: The President s Home in Photographs and History.