Lazarov, D: Greek Love por Dale Lazarov,Adam Graphite

February 26, 2020

Lazarov, D: Greek Love por Dale Lazarov,Adam Graphite
Titulo del libro : Lazarov, D: Greek Love
Autor : Dale Lazarov,Adam Graphite

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Dale Lazarov,Adam Graphite con Lazarov, D: Greek Love

Críticas ""Much gay porn in comics is tired, repetitive, and joyless, but that s one tradition and precedent Dale Lazarov dispenses with. Under the happy penstrokes of Adam Graphite, Lazarov delivers a smutfest that is funny, tender, whimsical, and utterly, utterly filthy."" - Will Morgan for COMICZINE-FA Reseña del editor In order to dodge Ares' wrath, wicked Eros uses his arrows to trick Ares and Herakles into falling in hot, carnal Greek Love. And Eros gets his in the end for his mischief ...GREEK LOVE is the fifth graphic novel written and art directed by Chicago-based Dale Lazarov. Ver Descripción del producto