DryFire Reloaded (English Edition) por Ben Stoeger

March 30, 2020

DryFire Reloaded (English Edition) por Ben Stoeger
Titulo del libro : DryFire Reloaded (English Edition)
Fecha de lanzamiento : March 20, 2017
Autor : Ben Stoeger
Número de páginas : 145

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Ben Stoeger con DryFire Reloaded (English Edition)

“Dry-Fire Reloaded” is an at home training manual for Practical Shooting competitors. This manual gives you a comprehensive set of drills to take your skills to the next level.

This book has extensive drill commentary, where specific information on the focal points and goals of each individual drill are explained in detail. There is enough information here so you have the ability to act as your own coach.

This book is self-contained, but it works best if you are using it in conjunction with “Skills and Drills” or have already taken a class with Ben.

This book contains:
-A brand new set of “Elements” designed to get your gun handling up to speed
-Extensive drill commentary
-Tips on danger areas to watch out for
-and much more!